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Browacom Oy

Browacom Oy manufactures and sells compact mechanics solutions for needs to various branches. The strength of Browacom is flexible pattern with strongly competent co-operation partners. Core business for Browacom Oy is manufacturing active equipment cabinets for indoor and outdoor use for data- and telecommunication field.

Browacom CityCabinet- active equipment cabinets are excellent selection for surroundings, where different types of technical solutions need to locate unseen in the nature or urban area and also have stable environment conditions for the technique.

Our service model consist of planning and installation services, project managing and consultation services.

Browacom Oy was founded 2006 and since then it has strengthen its position as a trustworthy vendor for leading data- and telecommunication operators in Finland. The large amount of Browacom cabinets are also operative in Baltic region.

As the latest challenge the Browacom has started heavily to invest for environmental-friendly technology, developing new innovative solutions beside co-operation partners.